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The season’s changing and the sky’s been clearing up. My family can’t wait to enjoy our usual trips to the beach. It’s not even the weekend yet and family members are too busy making plans for Saturday. Nagy Veronika (short for nagymama, grandma in Hungarian) wants to visit the beach. This will be her first trip to the beach, she came to visit us here in America from Hungary. Then my neni Dzsenifer (aunt) wants to visit the muzeu (short for muzeumok, museum). I realise they both have great ideas for the weekend, so I suggested we all go to the beach this Saturday and the muzeu on Sunday. Luckily, everyone agreed, which left me speechless. You see, no one really cares what I would suggest but when I use any of their suggestions, bham.. it’s all good.

■ ~ ■ ~ ■

The weekend was latvanyos (spectacular). My family enjoyed our trip to the beach. My tvere (short for testvere- brother) and I buried nagy in the sand and carved her into a sello (mermaid). She looked gyonyoru (beautiful). Unfortunate for me I didn’t bring any camera and left my phone in the van, pestilence!! I am hoping my tvere would send me kepek (photos) of all memorable moments with nagy Veronika. She is one funny nagy once you get to know her.

So we ended the day with nagy’s delicious cooking of palacsinta, perogies, schnitzel and veal stew were just amazing. I have never tried hungarian food cooked the way nagy Veronika does. Hands down she’s the legjobb szakacs (best chef) in the house.

While we were finishing supper, I asked nagy Veronika “what’s the best hungarian desert you’ve ever made?”. Nagy looked at me like she has seen a ghost. I was puzzled?!?! She explained to me in her broken english – hungarian accent, “When I was kislany (a little girl), I remembered my apa Vikktor (father) would pick me up every Friday from school and he would take me to our favorite kavezo (cafe). There he would let me have my fill of my favorite desszert. Dobostorta, it’s this deliciously rich and elegant cake stacked with several layers of csokolade es vajkrem (chocolate and buttercream) and top with a thin crust of karamella (caramel). The next week, I would have the Rigo Jancsi, it’s this cube shaped csokolades piskota csoki kremmel in the center (chocolate sponge cake filled with chocolate cream). It is so delicious, I would eat so many of them. Then the following week, I would have Esterhazy Torta, a rich layered almond and walnut cake képzelet fondant máz (with fancy fondant glaze).” Nagy went on and on and everyone commented and shared all their memories of the past. I sat there watching everyone’s fascination about hungarian desszert and not realizing it will come to this. Finally, supper has ended and the customary desszert wine to follow. There were several fruit wines to choose from, I personally like the red currant wines they are mild and soft in taste and texture.

Later that evening, I googled nagy’s famous desszert, and this is what I found.


Right here is a collage of nagy’s favorite Dobostorta-


Here is her delicious Rigo Jancsi-


The decadent Ezsterhazy Torte-

Thank you google for providing these wonderful photos, without you I wouldn’t have any idea how these desszert would have looked like.

Koszonok mindent!!