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Jo napot kivanok!!! (Greetings in hungarian)- Thank you for visiting my site. There are a few of us here that will be posting and share our experiences in the United States. 

Here are a couple of photos taken with my phablet. As I was driving along the Avenue, I was surprised to see these guys falkep under their colorful esernyo. Pardon me, things like these fascinates me. 


This location does get a lot of traffic… and i mean traffic-


This one is new to me. I didn’t realise you can bring out your mattress out on the sidewalk and turn it into your bedroom. (joking aside)

There are a few things I enjoy about the people here in the America. There’s no words to explain or describe the way they live their life. There are a few customs and traditions I will never get used to.

Szep Napot!